Is physiotherapy covered by OHIP?

As of August 2013, no physiotherapy in the province of Ontario is funded by OHIP. Public funding of physiotherapy services is now provided by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care through community care access centres (CCAC) .

In this time of government fiscal restraint, the government's commitment of millions of dollars toward physiotherapy provided by physiotherapists is an indication of the value of physiotherapy services provided by physiotherapists. The new model of funding provides better access to physiotherapy for patients in need all over the province.

Physiotherapy is available to seniors and eligible clients through CCAC based on assessed need and will be available in more locations across Ontario. There is no set limit on physiotherapy services in clinics. Patients attending a CCAC clinic will receive as many physiotherapy sessions as they need to recover as determined by their treating physiotherapist.

Who is eligible to receive publicly funded physiotherapy?


Eligibility for publicly funded physiotherapy has not changed with the new funding.  Patients may be eligible for publicly funded clinic-based physiotherapy if they have a physician or nurse practitioner referral and are:

  • seniors aged 65 and older
  • 19 years of age and under
  • any age if discharged from hospital after an overnight stay for a condition requiring physiotherapy
  • recipients of Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program

Where can I receive publicly funded physiotherapy services?

Further information about publicly funded physiotherapy and exercise classes can be found at the CCAC website:    Http://
Or call:
Seniors INFO Line:        1-888-910-1999/TTY 1-800-387-5559
or email:           
or contact local CCAC telephone 310-2222 (area code not required, toll free)

At the Great Lakes Physiotherapy Clinics we are not publicly funded but keep our prices competitive, and we never expect you to pay up front if you can't. Check your extended health care plan. If you have coverage for dental work and/or medications, then chances are you have coverage for physiotherapy.
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