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Acupuncture or Dry Needling?

  |   Health   |   No comment

According to the International Acupuncture Association of Physical Therapists (IAAPT):Physiotherapists may practice needle insertion under any of the following paradigms: Traditional Asian Acupuncture, Western Acupuncture, and/or Trigger Point Dry Needling.Across Canada, and around the world, the insertion of needles is referred to by many different...

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Osteoarthritis Management

  |   Health   |   1 Comment

Part of the normal process of aging includes gradual articular cartilage deterioration. Cartilage matrix weakens, develops cracks and fissures, and in some cases, will flake off, leaving bone exposed. In some people, this gradual process can lead to inflammation, joint instability, and subsequent further degeneration....

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laptop workstation tips

Take the Lap out of Laptop

  |   Health   |   3 Comments

5 ways to help you work on a laptop The COVID 19 pandemic has shifted a lot of people to work from home. This has lead to many people using their laptops as permanent laptop work stations. If you haven’t invested in an ergonomic work station,...

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home workstation setup

6 Tips for Your Home Workstation

  |   Health   |   1 Comment

1. Use a desktop if available It is impossible, given the configuration of laptops, to maintain a comfortable posture for any length of time. A couple of hours on a weekend may be fine, but for a full day of work, a laptop is not ideal....

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plantar fascitis

What to do when your plantar fasciitis doesn’t get better.

  |   Health   |   11 Comments

If you’ve been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, you’ve likely exhausted other treatments like frozen water bottles, stretching, orthotics, massage, anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections or other therapies. Results from these treatments vary considerably and you will find them provided by different health care professions with varying degrees of...

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Achilles tendonitis

Achilles Tendonitis News

  |   Health   |   3 Comments

New systematic review Identifies risk factors for achilles tendonitis. Elite running athletes have a 52% lifetime risk of developing achilles tendonitis; however, about a third of all patients with achilles tendonitis also have a sedentary lifestyle. This suggests that there may be many risk factors for...

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manual therapy for knee arthritis

Physiotherapy for knee osteoarthritis

  |   Health   |   9 Comments

Your physiotherapist will address problems of pain, loss of joint range of motion, weakness, gait, and exercise tolerance. We can’t reverse the damage done to the cartilage, but we can reduce pain, improve your mobility and function and slow down joint deterioration. If you’re not...

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bicycling in ajax

Bicycle Fit

  |   Health   |   2 Comments

With the start of summer we try and get outside to become more active. Cycling is a great sport for people looking for low impact activity to improve endurance and cardiovascular health. In Ajax we have a lot of trails throughout the town and the waterfront across Durham...

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Acupuncture Research

Local vs Distal Acupuncture vs Sham

  |   Research   |   7 Comments

Immediate Effects of Dry Needling, and Acupuncture at Distant Points in Chronic Neck Pain: Results of a Randomized, Double-blind, Sham-controlled Crossover Trial Purpose of the study: Evaluate any immediate effects of two different modes of acupuncture compared to sham laser acupuncture on motion-related pain and cervical...

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acl tear treatment

ACL Tears

  |   Health, Research   |   8 Comments

A retrospective pair-matched follow-up study found that after 20-years, there was no difference in knee osteoarthritis between operative versus nonoperative treatment when treatment was allocated on the basis of a patient's response to 3 months of physiotherapy. ...

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don't slip on ice

How to walk on ice

  |   Health   |   9 Comments

With more freezing rain in the forecast, I thought it prudent to post some information on how to walk on the ice. At our physiotherapy clinics in Ajax, Whitby and Brooklin, we’ve seen a lot of slip and falls this year resulting in various injuries:...

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Opioid alternative

Early Physiotherapy Cuts Opioid Use

  |   Health   |   6 Comments

Very often we see people in the clinic with musculoskeletal pain that has been ongoing for weeks, months, and sometimes years. It can take time to get a diagnosis as physicians order imaging, refer to specialists, and prescribe medications. Because of this prolonged time to...

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Electroacupuncture and Diabetic Neuropathy

  |   Research   |   8 Comments

Electroacupuncture may be a new low risk option for the treatment of peripheral neuropathy in those with diabetes. Researchers in South Korea conducted a randomized, assessor-blinded, multicentred trial that included 126 subjects with type II diabetes and a history of peripheral diabetic neuropathy of six...

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