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areas of practice include musculoskeletal injury, orthopaedic rehabilitation, etc

The practice of chiropractic is the assessment of conditions related to the spine, nervous system and joints. Chiropractors will provide a diagnosis, aid in prevention and the treatment of musculoskeletal mechanical disorders, while addressing the effects of disorders on general health and the function of the nervous system.

Training in manipulative/mobilization therapy allows chiropractors to provide adjustments with skilled and precise movements of the vertebrae and other joints. These adjustments may help reduce pain and improve joint mobility to restore function. (This manual therapy may be accompanied by a “pop”. When a joint is manipulated, an air bubble may form within the joint capsule causing the popping noise, similar to cracking your knuckles).

Our evidenced-based chiropractic treatments may also include soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation exercises, education, acupuncture, and modalities (i.e. interferential current therapy or ultrasound). Chiropractors also receive education in nutritional counselling, and may assist with injury prevention strategies.

There are many reasons to seek chiropractic care such as back pain, neck pain, headaches, whiplash, strains and sprains, work- and sport-related injuries, arthritis, and other conditions. Chiropractic care may also assist with symptomatic relief of chronic conditions.

Chiropractic benefits may include:
• Improved mobility of your shoulders, neck, back or torso
• Improved posture
• Relief of pain associated with headaches, back or neck issues
• Prevention of work-related joint and muscle injuries
• Enhanced athletic performance
• Improved joint, muscle, and fascial flexibility
• Relief of backache related to pregnancy
• Analysis and correction of foot and gait problems

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