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Custom Knee Bracing

At Great Lakes Physiotherapy Centres we will help you find the correct top of the line custom bracing for your condition. We fit braces for athletes, pre and post surgery, prevention, stability and osteoarthritis.
Donjoy pioneered the concept of functional knee bracing over 30 years ago and have lead the profession ever since. They combine the ultimate in technology, materials and design using lightweight low profile design that fits comfortably under clothing and sports uniforms.donjoy custom brace

Who needs a custom knee brace?

A custom knee brace may be prescribed by your physician or surgeon for any of the following conditions:
– ACL Injury
– PCL Injury
– MCL Injury
– LCL Injury
– Meniscal Injuries
– Osteoarthritis

How can I book to be fitted for a custom brace?

Call our office in  Brooklin (905)655-9781 

Will my Insurance cover the costs of a custom knee brace?

Most insurance companies cover the costs with a doctor’s prescription. Call your insurance company for the details pertaining to your own coverage.

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