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Massage Therapy

The word massage is derived from either the Arabic “mass”, to touch, or the Greek “massein”, to knead.

Massage therapy can be defined as a variety of manual techniques designed to relieve stress, promote relaxation and general wellness in someone who has no definable health problems or help to mobilize various structures, relieve pain and swelling, prevent deformity and promote functional independence in someone who has a specific health problem.

The effects of massage are both physiological and psychological. Such physiological effects are pain management/reduction, improved circulation, lymphatic improvements, and musculoskeletal improvements such as increased range of motion and decreasing spasms, improve respiratory function and increase the activity of the immune system. Psychologically, massage can help reduce stress, depression, anxiety and give the client a feeling of well-being.

Massage Therapists in Ontario undergo an extensive 2200 hour training program at government recognized schools, which enable them to recognize and treat a number of different conditions in the body. Post-graduation the student is then expected to pass both a written and oral examination in order to register with The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, and become a registered massage therapist.

In Ontario, massage therapy is a regulated health profession under the same legislation that governs other health professions such as nurses, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. Having recognized standards and obligations legitimizes massage therapy as a reputable profession and therefore covered by most health care plans.

Great Lakes Physiotherapy Clinics in Whitby and Ajax employ massage therapists to treat injuries that result from motor vehicle accidents, sports injuries, poor posture, and other conditions.